Canon A35 Datelux280Canon A35 Datelux Canon's first camera with built in flash.

Christchurch Cathedral before the earthquakes

Christchurch Cathedral pictured at night. This photograph was taken on 4 November 2010 between the two earthquakes. The big earthquake occurred just three months later on 22 September 2011.

What to do when the Light Meter Doesn’t Work!

Good rangefinder film cameras often come up for sale with their only fault being a dead light-meter. You can often get it going again with the right batteries, cleaning the battery contacts, or replacing the corroded wires inside the camera that run to the battery. With the meter not working, provided the camera has a manual mode, it is still possible to use it by taking light readings with a separate light-meter. With old rangefinder film cameras like the Canon Canonets the manual mode is fully mechanical requiring no meter, or battery, for all of the film speeds to work correctly. Others like the Yashica Electro default to their fastest speed when the meter fails. It means you can still shoot with your Yashica Electro if the meter fails on a bright sunny day with ISO 400 film if you set the aperature to f16. Continue ...

Canon-Canonet-QL-19-New280Canon Canonet QL19 New Review of this popular rangefinder camera.

Yashica ElectroYashica Electro 35 The first Yashica Electro 35 came out in 1966 and continued to be sold until the late 1970s. .

green-tractor-280Kaikoura Fishing Boats Photographs of fishing boats, and Whale Watch vessels at Kaikoura's South Bay.  The boats are hauled ashore each day. Just south of Kaikoura the seabed is 1km deep just 1km from the coast.